#bbchat | reframing the collaboration conversation

Most teachers believe that collaborating with and learning from other teachers is important. But those same teachers will usually readily admit that they don’t have time in their busy schedules to do so.

This week on the #bbchat, we’ll be looking at teacher collaboration from a different perspective. Instead of focusing on how teachers can use their in-school hours to collaborate, we’ll be discussing how educators can have meaningful collaborative experiences outside of school. Here are the questions for this week’s #bbchat.

  • Question 1: What does teacher collaboration mean to you?
  • Question 2: How do you learn from other teachers outside of school hours?
  • Question 3: How can admins better support teacher collaboration outside of school?
  • Question 4: Who’s your favorite teacher collaborator and why? Tag a teacher in your tweet!

I hope you’ll join us on Sunday at 7pm (CST) as we learn from and with each other!

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P.S. Click here for more info about the #bbchat and what it’s all about!

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