#bbchat | the textbook trap

Most course curriculums require the usage of a textbook in planning and delivering instruction. But good teachers know that if they just use the textbook, their students will check out and student engagement levels will plummet.

How do we balance the use of mandated course materials with engaging, research-based best practices to ensure our students get the best bang for their buck while they’re in our care?

Here are the questions we’ll be exploring for our first #bbchat on Sunday, 1/28 at 7pm!

  • Q1: How can teachers use course-mandated materials in a way that engages their students?
  • Q2: What’s a common pitfall one might encounter with textbooks in the classroom? How do you avoid it?
  • Q3: Balance is everything. How do you strike a balance between using course materials and supplementing your own?
  • Q4: How do your colleagues inspire you to go beyond the books in the classroom? Tag a teacher or admin in your response!

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